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Today’s girls and guys are not experiencing real communication, relationship and the fun of romance. This first of its kind- FYI guidebook helps girls to discover & even enhance what used to happen naturally for centuries. The last 20 years of media and internet is dealt with. Solutions & techniques are given in each chapter. The 5 Biggies are what every parent and educator want girls to experience. Each are shared in a relevant and respectful manner. New healthy ways require knowledge and action. 

Hidden information and Life Skill tools prepare both daughter and parent to think and speak in higher ways. Cautionary & Story Tales help girls discover, and parents remember what is so much fun about adolescence. Allow the humor and tough love sharing by her ‘Great Aunt” help her know the what, why, how & when- girls need to know in today’s world. Help her find her heart and Spirit and their important connection to her sexuality. We do better when we know more. 


Books to look forward to:

2nd Lives Club

You Beautiful You

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20 plus years in a marriage the was not about a loving partnership, but doing things the right way. So why then…

A tearful, humorous, and hopeful spiritual journey. This book allows you to observe and reflect one woman’s hopes and fears as she makes the transition out of a long-term marriage.  To avoid a slow death of her spirit and a deterioration of physical health, she said good-bye to the material, financial, and family security that determined where and how she lived. No longer subject to family and societal pressure, this journey to wholeness comes at a steep price. Can she be true to living the rest of her life based on conscious choices from her heart? 

Despite moments of deep content, she stayed challenged for 2 decades. Reoccurring sadness from her sons living far away and the consequences of having been a stay at home mom remained her lovely struggle.  A morning spiritual practice, well-established in her early 30s… asked her to go higher. A bigger God was gently leading her in unexpected ways. Despite Living in the earthly unknowing, she was given a life-long spiritual gift. every single day… 


Who are you? Do you know what you value? What do you feel during the day? Can you identify your feelings?   Can you write them down, share them, and put them in their place?

Most of our fears come from not knowing what we feel or what to do with our feelings.

Half or more of our fear and sadness goes away with this rarely used technique.

Emotionally unavailable? Too emotional? Emoting a feeling can be scary. Not anymore.

Knowing how and when to deal with feelings. The key to healing our fears.

A sweet, short deep book. Tools for life are yours.