Mimmy is the mother of two grown sons; a former high school teacher, designer, and Sex Education coordinator. While raising her boys, she served on several non-profits; Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis, Handicapped Housing, and an Epilepsy board. Active participation for her was more than making financial decisions. On each board she insisted on being trained; ‘Hands on-train me now’ was her go to

In the mid - 90s she accepted a position on a board that served women in 4 different states and operated 28 clinics. A sociologist at heart- she welcomed the chance to make a difference when Planned Parenthood called. At the time, her city had the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the state. As a former educator of teens, she and the educational director (a former Catholic nun) created programs to educate parents, middle schoolers and teens. She held small groups in her home for willing parents. Two years later, she and the head of the Department of Health co-founded a Teen Pregnancy Coalition. The pregnancy and STD rate came down significantly. 

The last 3 decades Mimmy has intensely observed the ‘Bigger Picture’ of American Culture and media’s effects. It is time to put down devices, read fun & informative information and receive life skill tools. Our hearts and minds are ready. The running thread in each of her books: to lift ourselves up (no matter what), get honest, and reclaim our own (often hidden) hearts.  Finding our truest selves, creating healthy boundaries and owning our values and standards opens the doorway to greater Love and a more Peaceful existence.  There has never been a more important time to do our inner work …than now.

Today, Mimmy lives in a multi- cultural multi-faith community.  Finding herself single during the tech-age gave her even greater insight and perspective. Sharing with today’s females so they have -in hand -relevant information and life skills that help deal with life situations and feelings.  

Females connected to their heart, mind, spirit, and body will heal our world. 

In the Works.

You Beautiful You,

 2nd Lives Club  

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