Dear Parent, Grandparent, Trusted Adult & Educator, 

Communication between you and her is quite powerful. But where do you start? Today’s media has wiped out crucial and fun aspects of human life. Adults must re-educate themselves, not shy away. We too have been affected. Media has changed our world and shaken our roots.  The last 3 generations (this includes us) have been slightly (& severely) brain washed. Hidden & forgotten information and a healthy perspective is key to your daughter’s self-worth and feeling safe.   Sharing about sexuality must come AFTER you both have established that real communication & a real relationship are pre-cursors to one day having a healthy physical and emotional connection. Anything less will diminish her self-worth.  Affection, talking on the phone, and romance are the bomb…and they are missing out!  What happened?  It’s in YBG. Why all the detail? Kids want to know why. Have you noticed just saying ‘No” and fear tactics mean little?

Carefully chosen information on The 5 Biggies- communication, relationship, trust, romance and love are shared. Love & respect are begging to reappear in all our lives. Are you aware that until 2000, almost all rock and slow songs were not just great, but had the operable word in every other lyric? LOVE. And then it all changed. I wish it was all that simple. One the light side- The OUT OF THIS WORLD LOVE MUSIC list at the very end…😊will bring joy to you both.

         Let’s face it.  What many of us just knew growing up, they have missed because of a twisted media & the Internet.  Today’s parent must intervene. Now, you can give her a much higher way by using Story Tales & Cautionary tales and life- enhancing tools many adults have yet to acquire.  Today’s media does just the opposite repeatedlyAnd Kids want to know why!  My 20 somethings are begging for this information. You now have healthy base to trigger dialogue in one place.  Dialogue occurs after reading chapters on - Social Media, Pornography, Alcohol and Drugs & How Boys Think.  Each are addressed and tie in action- based suggestions & solutions. 

THE NUMBER ONE THING TO KNOW - She wants to hear from You- NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS. You reading and being prepared is critical. 

The Four Keys to a Girl Knowing What is Best for Herself

  • A parent (or trusted adult) willing to share information and a respectful perspective.

  • The 5 Biggies- Communication, Relationship, Trust, Romance and Love

  • Simple Life Skill Tools help her connect her heart & Spirit to her body

  • Discovering her own V B S (values, boundaries and standards) that will guide her through life.


You can help your daughter understand authentic relationships. Each chapter guides her toward understanding the importance of (Real) communication and real relationship. And that TIME-is on her side. Waiting becomes cool - and she grows emotionally.

    • She will create boundaries (emotional and physical) and know why.

    • She now has knowledge that comes from having done inside work. (Part 3)

    • She now has a sense of safety and is growing her self- worth. She will feel it.

    • No one can take this away.




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